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Our Staff
Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor

Executive Director

Jeff Taylor is a long-term survivor who has been active in HIV research advocacy since enrolling in the first AZT trials in the late ’80s. He is currently the executive director of the HIV+ Aging Research Project-Palm Springs, which conducts patient-centered, community-based research on aging and HIV in California’s Coachella Valley. 

Jeff has served on the community scientific subcommittee of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group and as a community representative to the National Cancer Institute’s AIDS Malignancy Consortium, where he was a part of the HPV Working Group and the ANCHOR Study. 

He previously served on the Department of Health and Human Services Antiretroviral Guidelines Panel. Jeff is currently on community advisory boards for the CARE Collaboratory, the UCSFGladstone amfAR Cure Institute and the UCSF DARE Collaboratory for HIV cure research.  He’s also on the AIDS Treatment Activists Coalition's Drug Development Committee, which meets regularly with pharmaceutical and Food and Drug Administration on HIV drug development issues.

Steven Drew Auerbach

Steven Drew Auerbach

Operations & Business Development Consultant

Steven Drew Auerbach is a recognized International Business Consultant specializing in Brand Marketing and Management for over 30 years and has brought numerous brands to the U.S. and global markets through his private firm.

Auerbach earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business/Consumer Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and has earned advanced certificates in international negotiations, importation, and writing. He is a published journalist and public speaker and has been a guest on National Public Radio to discuss his work in social entrepreneurship as well as on behalf of the Jewish Free Loan Association.

In 2017 Auerbach transitioned from private business to nonprofit and currently serves on the advisory board of two organizations focused on the health and welfare of the LGBTQ+ community. He has previously been on the Seattle board of The Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA) and was an integral part of creating a non-profit foundation focused on hospice and palliative Care. Steven is currently contracted by HARP-PS overseeing Operations and Business Development.

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