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Medical research is expensive, and much of our funding to date has come from foundations, corporations, and government grants.  But those funds are often restricted to specific uses. Your donation to our general fund will help us with basic operational expenses IE: supplies, rent, and other necessities. Please consider a monthly gift of any amount, and please keep us in mind in your estate planning - EACH DONATION MAKES AN IMPACT!

HARP-PS is an IRS as a 501(c)3 charitable organization - EIN: 47-3892886, and your deduction will be acknowledged immediately for tax purposes.

Volunteering                         Meet Our Volunteers

Got talent?

Do you have skills to contribute? We need all the help we can get to build our community and pursue our mission. Are you a fundraiser? Do you have what it takes to help us produce a short video? Are you a professional with a service to contribute? 


Every community organization needs a core group of capable volunteers!

  • Help us fund-raise

  • Help with events or administrative duties

  • Host a HARP-PS meeting, networking or fundraising event

  • Help spread the word about current research studies, or canvas HIV-affected individuals about needed areas of research

  • Are you or is someone you know affected by HIV and interested in participating in research studies?

  • Can you think of other ways to help? 

Back of a group of volunteers
Become a Sponsor


Become a corporate or individual sponsor.  Gain visibility in the many communities in our Valley affected by HIV.


Want to become a sponsor? Contact us

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