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Our Programs

HARP-PS has Spearheaded multiple, vital, research studies in partnership with major universities throughout the states and across the country in partnership with the NIH and CDC.


Positive Life Series

HARP-PS produces monthly, hybrid (in person and virtual) educational programs to engage and educate our growing aging community through our Positive Life Series which is held monthly in partnership with the Palm Springs Cultural Center.

Provider Rounds

HARP-PS conducts monthly provider/clinician education programs to educate them on advances in HIV treatment and relevant care topics for our unique aging HIV+ population. This is the only cross-institutional program for clinicians in the valley, and they value this opportunity to meet and interact with their peers. For More Information Contact Us


Positively Aging Project

In partnership with providers and researchers, HARP-PS created the Positively Aging Project an annual community conference and has done so since 2015. This hybrid (in person and virtual) conference is aimed at providing practical information and inspiration for those living long-term with HIV and features top experts in HIV research discussing HIV and aging issues in our community. The Positively Aging Project is held on or around National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day in September.

RID Programs

HARP-PS produces an annual HIV cure research symposium with RID HIV Cure Research Collaboratory (an NIH initiative) that occurs in October. We have recently changed the name of this conference to “The Timothy Ray Brown Community Care Symposium” in memory of Mr. Brown, a former Palm Springs resident and the first person cured of HIV.

HARP-PS will also conduct a World AIDS Day mini-conference on World AIDS Day, December 1st.

The RID-HIV Collaboratory “Reversing Immune Dysfunction for HIV-1 Eradication” is part of the Martin Delaney Collaboratories for HIV Cure Research, the flagship NIH program on HIV cure research.

RID website:

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