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RID Programs

HARP-PS produces an annual HIV cure research symposium with RID HIV Cure Research Collaboratory (an NIH initiative) that occurs in October. We have recently changed the name of this conference to “The Timothy Ray Brown Community Care Symposium” in memory of Mr. Brown, a former Palm Springs resident and the first person cured of HIV.

HARP-PS will also conduct a World AIDS Day mini-conference on World AIDS Day, December 1st.

The RID-HIV Collaboratory “Reversing Immune Dysfunction for HIV-1 Eradication” is part of the Martin Delaney Collaboratories for HIV Cure Research, the flagship NIH program on HIV cure research.

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Loreen may be the first person to be considered cured of the virus without a risky bone-marrow transplant or even medications.


We have discovered only two people like this so far—and Loreen is one of them! HIV apparently was sequestered in her body in such a way that it could not reproduce, scientists have reported.


The finding suggested that Loreen (and the other woman, known as the Esperanza Patient) may have achieved viral control without any therapy. Except for one test years ago that indicated a small amount of virus, researchers were never able to identify HIV in Loreen’s body.

Jan 29, 2024  SEATTLE

A conversation with Loreen Willenberg and Dr. Stephen Migueles about exceptional elite control of HIV without the use of medications.

BCN Checkpoint / CAB RID (Reversing Immune Defiency), USA - Interview is in Spanish, but the rest of the event is in Catalan
Entire event:
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