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News from the HIV + Aging Research Project - Palm Springs, CA

HARP Women's Conference 2024 Revised 2 (Instagram Post).jpg

April - May 2024 

  • HARP-PS Announces First Women's Conference

  • HARP Launches HIV+ Village Palm Springs Facebook Group

  • Art Therapy

  • Dating Apps and Living with HIV

  • Older People, Especially Gay Men, are Getting STI's More than Ever

  • Upcoming Events

December 2023 - January 2024

  • Looking Back & Looking Forward

  • Coping with the Holiday Blues

  • The BIG GAY Tupperware Party

  • Staying Connected and Visible through Regular Exercise

  • Challenging Times for Our Community

  • Trancendental Meditation

  • Upcoming Events


October - November 2023

  • Positively Aging Project Conference

  • IAS Conference Update

  • World AIDS Day

  • Welcome to Our Newest Board Member -
    Dr. James Adams

  • Let's All Stretch

  • How to Combat Negative Self-Talk


June / July  2023

  • Save the Date - Peter Staley Speaks at Positively Aging Project Conference

  • The Benefits of Volunteering

  • Ask, Advocate, Thive

  • Bend Over and Take it Like a Man!


April / May 2023

  • Positively Aging Project Conference

  • Research Update from CROI Conference

  • Exercise and Aging with HIV

  • Welcome to Our Newest Board Member - Ted Guice

  • Lessons on Supporting LGBTQ+ Individuals to Live their Truth


September /
October 2021

  • Aging Positively - Reunion Project

  • HARP-PS Board Spotlight: Bridgette Picou

  • HARP-PS Joins Desert AIDS Walk 2021


June 2021

  • Neurocognitive Impairment in People Living with HIV

Senior Portrait

February /
March 2023

  • Research Trials Currently being conducted at Palmtree Clinical Research

  • Thriving with HIV

  • When Long-Term HIV includes Caring for Aging Parents


November / December 2021

  • Stressed out or Resilient Coping?

  • HARP-PS Board Spotlight: Carlos J. Martinez


May 2021

  • Isolation and Loneliness in Long-Term Survivors Aging with HIV


April 2021

  • Advance Care Planning in Older People Living with HIV

  • The HIV & Aging Act

  • Secretary Xavier Becerra: Right Person at the Right Time


March 2021

  • HIV Cure Research Update

  • Improving the Doctor-Patient Relationship


February 2021

  • First large-scale study of HIV & Covid-19

  • Covid-19 Information

  • Timothy Ray Brown Virtual Memorial Service

HARP -PS / PCORI Newsletters

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute is a non-partisan, independent research sponsor federally funded through the Affordable Care Act. PCORI helps people make informed healthcare decisions, improving healthcare delivery and  outcomes. They fund and promote evidence-based information from research guided by patients, caregivers, and the broader healthcare community. PCORI strives to make science accessible.


November 2018

  • Citizen Panels

  • AIDS Walk 2018

  • Ethics Training

  • International Workshop on HIV & Aging

  • PCORI Annual Conference

  • HARP-PS & PCORI at Alpha

  • Resiliency Survey Project

  • Alternative & Complimentary Medicine Research at Desert AIDS Project: Grounding


May 2018

  • Focus Groups

  • Reunion Project 2.0

  • National Roundtable

  • Sharing Information


November 2017

  • HARP-PS: Mission & Method

  • National Stakeholders' Roundtable & Reunion Project Community Summit

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